Our engagement

The massive use of chemical inputs on crops has been done to the detriment of biological and beneficial life of soils. Soil biofertility decreases, soil biodiversity is reduced, agricultural systems run out of steam…

The establishment of biological alternatives is necessary to ensure a sustainable plant production in line with newly emerging issues (environment protection, new economic requirements).

The aim of INOCULUMplus is to restore the natural equilibrium of soils.

INOCULUMplus was created in order to apply knowledge acquired from 30 years of research in the field of mycorrhiza. The fungi forming mycorrhiza have the exceptional ability to make plants more vigorous and resistant while at the same time preserving the environment.

Partnerships with universities and european research centers ensure the updating and the validation of technical advances for implementation in mycorrhiza technology.

We offer products containing beneficial fungi forming mycorrhiza, isolated from natural soils. Only the most efficient ones have been selected and incorporated into our products, ensuring quality and optimal performance on crops. In addition to these products, we propose the range SCIENCEplus, strains of mycorrhizal fungi for Research and Development laboratories.

The mycorrhizal fungi in our products are held in the International Bank of Glomeromycota (IBG). Maintenance of strains by specialists of mycorrhiza is a guarantee of high quality (stability, purity, absence of contamination). Traceability of strains has been established, based on specific markers to provide an irrefutable certification of the strains included in our products.

The technique of bio-fertilization with mycorrhiza is relatively new but not inaccessible! That’s why INOCULUMplus can provide monitoring services and advice for the application of mycorrhizal fungi in order to ensure maximum performance of our products in your soils or substrates. We also offer analyses of mycorrhizal fungi in soils in order to propose appropriate plant management procedures for maximum efficiency of our products.